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Simple designing tips to spruce up your home

Who wouldn't love to give his/her home a fresh new look. It is not necessarily to be an expensive proposition by replacing a lot of things and repainting of walls. Rather a few small changes or additions and re-positioning of heavy furniture can bring about a great impact. It could be addition of a mirror, a painting, a lamp or a plant. May be a little toning with the room will prove to be a great move to get more harmony and warmth. Take a tour of these design tips to get more insights. Read More >

By vinayakinterior

Residential interior designer

Do you ever think that your home needs a space change? Do you wish to buy a new home, but need some inspirational help on how to design your house? If you think you are capable enough to handle it yourself, think again. Like there's a big difference between apples and oranges the final outcome would differ tremendously when you consider the difference of having a decorator for your residential home or not. Decorators like Vinayak Interior are there to design the interior of your home in a very professional and yet talented way. It's not just the art of designing but also the scientific study and benefit of a room that comes with residential interior design, for e.g. the amount of spring to give you a spacious room, the type of set up that requires the maximum amount of natural lighting where required and dull ambience incase of a bedroom set up to make it perfect and fabulous. Read More >

By vinayak interior

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